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Deer Valley Data’s Network

Quality Network, Quality Bandwidth – Your Competitive Advantage!

Deer Valley Data offers only world class bandwidth. While some hosting companies use dirt cheap junk bandwidth from providers that use public peering points, Deer Valley Data only uses the highest quality next generation providers with private peering. Public peering points are notorious for bringing incredible slow downs, packet loss and even breaks in connectivity. However, private peering offers only top quality bandwidth, no slow downs, the least number of hops and backbones to get to where you and your clients are, and plenty of available overhead. As a side note, all customers who connect to the internet through Cox broadband or Level 3, have a direct connection to Deer Valley Data.  For example, a customer with a Cox cable modem will never even have to go to the internet to get to Deer Valley Data, it is a direct connection! Cox and Level 3 have a large share of the broadband services in the United States which means your customers that have their connectivity through Cox will have a direct connection to Deer Valley Data for the absolute fastest and most reliable connection. Its a great way to make your customers happy! Deer Valley Data also uses BGP4 routing protocol. With BGP4, each packet that leaves the Deer Valley Data network is evaluated and sent out the best route possible. In the event that one of our providers fails, traffic is automatically and seamlessly transferred out our other providers.

Carrier Network Maps

tw telecom

Level 3

For nearly 20 years, Level 3 has delivered managed data, Internet and voice networking solutions to businesses and large organizations throughout the U.S. As one of the three largest providers of Business Ethernet in the nation, Level 3 connects more commercial buildings to our national fiber network than anyone else. They provide managed network services specializing in Business Ethernet, IP VPN, converged, Internet access, transport data networking, voice,  VoIP,  and security to enterprises, large organizations and communications services companies alike. What does Level 3 stand for? A trusted communications service provider for enterprises and large organizations. Reliable, secure networks with scalable technology and solutions to move your business forward. Superior customer experience that’s both responsive and collaborative.

Cox map

Cox Communications

Cox Carrier Access service is the ideal solution for secure and reliable connections to your voice and data customers. Built on our own fiber-based SONET self-healing network, Cox Carrier Access service gives you high-capacity communications that set the standard for high-speed and high-quality digital transmissions at a cost-effective price. Choose the bandwidth you need for dedicated access to your customers and they will get the dependable service they expect, and you’ll get the cost-effective prices you need to be more competitive than ever. And since we own and manage our own network, we have complete control over the level of service we provide to you, and can ensure you and your customers have an exceptional experience



Windstream is coming to Deer Valley Data soon!

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